Handmade Greenwood Chairs

Nothing gives me more satisfaction in life than creating something that is pleasing to the eye, satisfies the senses and serves a useful purpose.  There is little in this world so useful to the weary soul than a chair that provides sanctuary from the demands of modern life.  If I create a chair that appeals to the senses, provides comfort and support, and elicits a smile, I know my time has been well spent.

My materials are simple – Ash, Oak, Beech, Birch, Black Thorn, White Thorn, Hazel, Willow, and a variety of fruit woods from my orchard.  I carefully select the wood that is best suited to the chair I am making, searching along the hedges or in the woods until I find what I need.  Then I begin the gentle process of working the wood using my hand tools. My process allows me to get close to the wood, to see and feel the form, grain, textures, colours, and character.  The intimacy of the work is reflected in the finished chair. I create chairs of all shapes and sizes for people of all shapes and sizes.

Click on a picture to see a full size version and scroll through the gallery. If you see a chair you like, or want me to make one especially for you, please, let me know using the Contact Page.

Communion – Hazel Armchair – €410


Into Light – Hazel and Willow Armchair


Legion – Willow Armchair – €280


Outside In – Hazel – €260


Flux – Hazel and Willow


Poet’s Chair – Hazel and Willow


Awakening – Hazel and Willow Ladies Chair – Commission


The Chair Of Many Things – Hazel Armchair – €360


The Meditation Chair – Tommie’s Hazel Armchair – Private Commission


The Thinking Chair – Small Hazel Armchair – €360


Reverie In Willow 2 – Child’s Armchair – €150


Reverie In Willow – Adult’s Armchair – €420


Memory Chair – Child’s Hazel Armchair – €190


Anna’s Hazel Armchair


The Seat Of Learning – Hazel Ladder-Back – €300


Dream Chair – Willow High-Back – N/A


Ashen Throne – Ash High-Back – €375


Rest For The Weary – Hazel Armchair – Private Commission


Library Chair – High Seat Hazel Armchair – Private Commission


Inspired By Mackintosh – Tall Sitter, Childs Armchair and Miniature – €290


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