Sometimes, I could be on an island surrounded by an ocean of epic proportions. Cut off from the world and all that is happening there. In my quieter moments I stand on the sand and I let the water ripple over my toes, the cool touch making me smile from deep inside.

Well, maybe not just sometimes, it’s all the time. My woods and my workshop are my island and the fresh shavings on the floor or, the fading leaves on the soil, are the cool refreshing waters brushing over my feet.

When I look out over the fields, I’m looking over oceans of green, and the rustle of the wind through the trees in the distance could be rolling waves on almost imperceptible horizons. And I drift away in thoughts – sometimes, and only sometimes, they may have something to do with a job I’m doing, or an idea I’ve had, something I want to try.

One recurring thought in these moments is the Lady’s Chair. It is always there, waiting to make itself felt, wanting, needing attention, to be looked upon, touched……

So, I do, when I can.

I had a little time so, I started again – I don’t think I’ll ever be satisfied – maybe, who knows. So, I re-cut a seat and did some quick shaping – I know what I want to do with this seat when the time is right, and I will revisit it again and again, until I get it right.  For now, what I really wanted to do was improve the legs, and rough out an idea I had, have had for some time.

I chose a lovely aged Ash log, split it into equal parts, and then took them to the shavehorse and began to work.  Shavings fell to floor and I smiled in my absorption.  I was trying ideas – a preparation for a more refined vision.  I got a step closer to where I want to be – a small step, but in the right direction.

The spalting and grain are wonderful – if I waxed and polished them they would be a sight to behold. I won’t, though.

I won’t do any more with them – I will start again, and, when they are shapely, smooth, as they should be and as I want them, I will lavish attention on them so they glow from deep within. Then the Muse will smile – maybe.  But, that ocean is wide, and this is just a tiny drop.

Revisiting The Greenwood Beech Lady’s Chair

Amore – Greenwood Beech Lady’s Chair

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