It’s been a while.

After ending 2015 on a high, I have spent the past few months reassessing where I am taking my work, what it is I do, and why I do it.  After what is probably too much thought, I had to take some practical action.  The starting point is to replant my feet firmly in the basics of what I do, to start fresh and reacquaint myself with the joy of simply creating, breathing in the scent of fresh wood, and losing myself in its beauty.

So, as part of the exercise, I have been working on what was my last commission of 2015, and is my first chair of 2016.  The chair is quite small and simple, verging on the petite – and, in its simplicity, quite beautiful to my eyes.  When I sit in it, it fits me like a glove and my head rests comfortably and securely on the top stretcher as I lean back into the chairs welcoming embrace.

It will not dominate a room, asserting itself to the exclusion of all else; it will wait patiently for an appreciative eye to recognise and rest upon it, lingering in the presence of quiet beauty.

This chair, The Thinking Chair, is a work in progress – there is much still to do.  It is a good start, though, and I’m pleased with where it’s taking me.

And, the gorgeous colours and magnificent grain of the Yew……..waiting for Bees wax to make them glow….

I’m moving in the right direction.

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