I spent a long time in the company of this chair, just looking at and sitting in it, before I finished it.  Part of me wanted to just leave it in its natural state, untouched, unadorned, as nature intended the wood to be; but, the other part of me could not resist giving nature a helping hand, so I set to work.

I invested many hours of careful sanding, and gentle refinement, in this chair.  Then, when satisfied that all the wood was as smooth as I could get it, I waxed it, liberally, with natural beeswax.  I applied 4 coats, each time hand buffing to a beautiful sheen.  The lustre this brought out is quite beautiful, and the swirling grain in the Yew seat quite magnificent – I could sit and stare at it for hours; in fact, I have.

The reverie starts again, fresh, whenever I take the time to contemplate, or sit in, it – the chair invites thought, consideration, and a gentle drifting into calmness.  There is a sublime feminine quality radiating from this chair.

In fact, I like this chair so much I decided to make another…………..a companion piece.

I think they go well together.  And, I hope that whomever receives these chairs enjoys the same tranquility they have brought me.

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