The Tree Of Life

Offers protection, gentle change, rebirth, longevity, possibly immortality –  and, hope for Lovers.

I spent a long time looking into the grain on the seat of this chair; looking directly from above I was lost in terraced paddy fields climbing mountain sides, rising to the stars, and souls clinging tenaciously to existence, living in hope and looking to the future – Lovers dreaming of each other and patiently waiting for their dreams to become real.

It’s amazing what a beautiful piece of wood can do – where it can take you, and the visions it can unfold before your eyes.

The seat on this chair is quite beautiful.  As I looked at it, pondering the properties of the wood, getting lost in the grain, I realised I was falling in love.

My eyes moved from the seat to the arms, the bark, absorbing the grains and the colours.  As I considered it as a whole, it was exceedingly pleasing to me – it continually drew my attention.  I ran my fingers over it, and tingled.

I have succeeded in my original goal of creating a chair I could fall in love with.  I hope whomever receives this chair falls in love with it, too – that they take it on a journey, creating memories to cherish throughout their lives.  All they have to do is fill in the bit between the beginning and the ending.

The Memory Chair will be residing in The Purple Raven Art Gallery, waiting patiently for someone to take it home and love it.

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