It’s not often that I pop into Dublin, but when I do I usually spend the day walking the streets, looking in windows, browsing books, eating, drinking good coffee, eating, chatting to new friends, eating a little more and walking, walking, walking.  Inevitably, I find myself on Pudding Row, wide eyed, and entranced by one of the finest window displays in the whole of Dublin – it never fails to enthral me, and draw me in to look more closely at, and touch, the wonders within.

At this point I’m standing in Cow’s Lane Designer Studio, lost in all the beautiful creations around me, captivating all my senses, and humbling me.  I am constantly staggered at the skill and talent manifest in all the beautiful items on display.  As I move round the studio, absorbing the wonderful atmosphere and feeling the inspiration, I have wondered if I would ever get to display some of my work in a venue like this – or, more fantastically, in this space, surrounded by all these beautiful works.

Well, this week I met and had a wonderful chat with Shanna and Deirdre, founding members of the Studio.  I think I mostly babbled, somewhat incoherently, because I was unbelievably excited and overwhelmed.  They very, very kindly agreed to have some of my pieces on display in their studio.  I am now, 2 days later, still buzzing.  I am super excited, and super nervous – my work will be on display in probably the finest Design venue in the country, for everyone to see.  This is amazing.  But I am also nervous about what people will think of my work – should it be in such illustrious surroundings and in such company?  I hope so, but I have my doubts, my reservations – I am still striving to master my craft, to create the perfect piece.

I am extremely grateful to Shanna, Deirdre and all the other members of the Studio for giving me this opportunity – I am overwhelmed by their kindness and generosity of spirit – for once, I am lost for words.

I left the Listening Chair in the studio.  I neglected to take pictures of this chair as I made it because I got absorbed in it; time was meaningless and all I felt was the magic of the The Lady Of The Moon radiating from the Willow as I touched, looked at and pondered it.  I drifted into a deep reverie.

When making this chair I couldn’t help but break the symmetry.  I used a beautiful piece for the left rear leg that had a wonderful wave near the top which, combined with a top rail set at a slight incline, gives the chair, to my eyes at least, a cocked ear – the look of listening – listening to the soul sitting in it’s embrace.

The only pictures I took:

The pictures were taken before final finishing and waxing.

I find myself working with Willow more and more – it is magical, and quietly beautiful – it has captivated and enthralled me.

If you are in Dublin, pop in to Cow’s Lane Designer Studio, look at the treasures on display, absorb the wonderful atmosphere, and let your soul be elevated by the magic all around you.  It’s a wonderful place.

I just want to take this opportunity to thank Shanna and Deirdre for making last Thursday evening the highlight of my year.

Ladies – Thank You.

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