It’s been a quiet couple of months; I have spent many, many hours turning some beautiful pieces of wood into huge piles of shavings, with little to show for my efforts, or the sacrifice of The Giving Tree.

Never mind – it’s how it goes sometimes, and I just had to start listening to My Muse, again.

Today, as the rain fell softly on the grass, and I looked at the fields through a misty veil, I finished a small chair.

The chair is made from Hazel, Birch, Willow and Beech.  The seat is set at 9.5 inches, the armrests at 14.5, and the back is 24 inches tall……..once waxed the colours  of the barks, and the grain in the Beech seat, will be quite beautiful.

I hope this makes someone very, very happy – it will last them a lifetime.

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