I finally finished the Willow Chair.  It is the first time I have used this greenwood to make an adult chair – I’ve used it for miniatures – and, I am surpassing pleased with the results.  To get here I took much more time than I usually would – something seemed to demand a slow, gentle process, allowing time for quiet contemplation and to fully absorb the qualities of the wood – to consider the unfolding beauty as I touched, and was touched by, the Willow.

I’ve spent the last 2 weeks in the company of this, the finished chair, and my attraction to it is getting greater with every passing day – sometimes I just look at it and drift into reverie, other times I sit in it and let it envelop me, sinking deep, deep into its comforting warmth – it draws me in, and does not want to let go; nor do I want to leave it.

This wood is very tactile, and the chair seems to have intensified and concentrated that quality – I cannot pass this chair by without touching it, running finger tips along its soft, elegant lines – feeling the warmth emanating from the wood.

Willow is The Lady Of The Moon, who casts her gentle gaze and comforting light into the darkness of the night, illuminating the depths of the soul.  She caresses away grief, sadness, sorrow and heartache, replacing them with happiness, laughter, joy and deep, abiding love.  In the quiet deep of the night her powers of divination bring her understanding; and, granting long held sincere and secret wishes, she turns nightmares into dreams of peace, healing and contentment.

Willow, The Lady Of The Moon, is the embodiment and Platonic Form of Femininity – strong, graceful, elegant, loving, kind, sincere, and gentle, all which qualities create a beauty unsurpassed.  To cast your eyes upon her is to rest in deepest serenity – she is love.  And Her love burns bright, for all the world – it is just for the world to see, recognise and accept it.

I do not think I will be selling this chair.  I don’t think I can – I have made many, many chairs over the years, but none have occupied my thoughts like this one.  The Lady Of The Moon has worked her magic and cast her spell – And, I am enchanted.

This chair needs to be touched to be appreciated – time must be spent in its, Her, company. Photographs only capture a pale shadow of the reality.

This is a very plain and very simple chair, but it is a Throne, for a quiet, unassuming Empress – The Lady Of The Moon.

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