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“I have been watching these chairs daily for the last week, the wood continues to live, breathe and grow, the trees are alive in the chair itself. They are truly beautiful.”

Raymond Gogan – The Gallery, Listoke

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Making Spalted Ash Kindling

I'm not entirely sure how long I'd been standing there staring at the wood pile, and I'm not even sure what I was thinking about or what had brought me there but, I slowly focused on a big lump of Ash I'd manfully - ahem! - lugged out of the woods a while ago.  It was...

Ein Lied – Hazel and Willow Armchair

"We are the servants of your ears We were born for music Whenever you're sad We play for you." Till Lindemann   Early last year, as part of an arts interview, I was given a series of questions and asked to write a response of not more than one thousand words....

Silent Eulogy

His name was Roy Eldon. He was 72.   If I had met Roy I would have told him a tale of a wonderful day not long ago, and it would have gone something like this: "This morning I wandered off to the greenhouse, armed with a mug of strong black coffee, a beautiful Bjorn...

Hedgerow Crafts - Handmade Greenwood Furniture Ireland

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